African American Literature

Homes On-the-Road, Terrorized Cabins, and Prophetic Nightmare-scapes: Emma J. Ray’s Unsettling Western Fantasies, by Shelley Jarenski

Wrighting the West: Leaving Marks in Frank X Walker’s York Poems, by Jimmy Dean Smith

Looking at the Big Picture: Percival Everett’s Western Fiction, by Michael K. Johnson

 Writing Self (Effacingly): E-race-d Presences in The Life and Adventures of Nat Love, by Kenneth Speirs

Cowboy Tricksters and Devilish Wangols: Ishmael Reed’s HooDoo West, by Todd F. Tietchen

Revising Western Criticism through Wanda Coleman, by Krista Comer

Stranger in a Strange Land: An African American Response to the Frontier Tradition in Oscar Micheaux’s The Conquest: The Story of a Negro Pioneer, by Michael K. Johnson