Settler Colonialism

Carceral Colonialism in Arizona Territory, by Joe Lockard

Survivalism, the Jeremiad and the Settler Colonial Utopian Imaginary in James Wesley Rawles’s SurvivorsA Novel of the Coming Collapse, by Brittany Henry

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The President Stole Your Land: Public Lands and the Settler Commons, by April Anson

 #EquityOutdoors: Public Lands and the Decolonial Mediascape, by Ashley E. Reis

Settler,” by Alex Trimble Young

If I am native to anything”: Settler Colonial Studies and Western American Literature, by Alex Trimble Young and Lorenzo Veracini

Beyond Possession: Animals and Gifts in Willa Cather’s Settler Colonial Fictions, by Alex Calder

Sounding Silence in Sundown: Survivance Ecology and John Joseph Mathews’s Bildungsroman by April Anson

“Do We Reverse the Medal?”: Settler Guilt, the Indian Speech, and the Untold Side of the Story, by Rebecca Weaver-Hightower

Animating the Indigenous, Colonial Affects, and “Going Native” in the City: Kent Mackenzie’s The Exiles, by Ho’esta Mo’e’hahne

“Nothing but land”: Women’s Narratives, Gardens, and the Settler-Colonial Imaginary in the US West and Australian Outback, by Tom Lynch

Settler Sovereignty and the Rhizomatic West, or, The Significance of the Frontier in Postwestern Studies, by Alex Trimble Young