Frank Waters

Frank Waters (July 25, 1902 – June 3, 1995) was an American writer. He is known for his novels and historical works about the American Southwest. The Frank Waters Foundation, founded in his name, strives to foster literary and artistic achievement in the Southwest United States.

Articles in Western American Literature:

Quetzalcoatl Versus D.H. Lawrence’s Plumed Serpent, by Frank Waters

Words, by Frank Waters

Frank Waters and the Native American Consciousness, by Jack L. Davis and June N. Davice

Character and Landscape: Frank Water’s Colorado Trilogy, by William T. Pilkington

Toward a Symbiosis of Ecology and justice: Water and Land Conflicts in Frank Waters, John Nichols, and Jimmy Santiago Baca, by Tom Lynch

Frank Water’s The Lizard Woman and the Emergence of the Dawn Man, by Alexander Blackburn

The Genesis of Flight From Fiesta, by Charles L. Adams

An Ignored Meaning of the West, by Thomas J. Lyon