Western Film and TV

Introduction: Television and the Depiction of the American West, by Michael K. Johnson

She Hits Like a Man, but She Kisses Like a Girl: TV Heroines, Femininity, Violence, and Intimacy, by Kerry Fine

Lines of Sight in the Western, by Joanna Hearne

Third Cinema Goes West: Common Ground for Film and Literary Theory in Postregional Discourse, by Courtney Fellion

From Blood Simple to True Grit: A Conversation about the Coen Brothers’ Cinematic West, by Neil Campbell, Susan Kollin, Lee Clark Mitchell, and Stephen Tatum

Captive Subjects: Point of View and Initiation in Hombre, by Matt Wanat

Foundational Myths and National Identity in European Transnational Post-Westerns, by Jesús Ángel González

The Night John Wayne Danced with Shirley Temple, by Max Westbrook

Animating the Indigenous, Colonial Affects, and “Going Native” in the City: Kent Mackenzie’s The Exiles, by Ho’esta Mo’e’hahne

“Visuality,” by Audrey Goodman

Haunting and History in Louis Sachar’s Holes, by Kirsten Møllegaard

“He’s a Ghost. But He’s Out There”: Borderlands Science Fiction and the Gothic in No Country for Old Men, by Micah K. Donohue

“I Think a Look at the West Would Do You Good”: Queer Visibility and Mythological Refuge in The Price of Salt, by Lindsay Stephens

Rejuvenating “Eternal Inequality” on the Digital Frontiers of Red Dead Redemption, by Sara Humphreys

Plotting Class: A Marxist Introduction to “Trio” Westerns, by Jerry D. Leonard