Special Issues

front_cover.jpgOver the years we have published a number of special issues on a wide range of topics. These generally include 3 to 6 essays focused on a particular subject.

Writing the Global Western: Circulations and Transformations of the American West in World Literature (2019)

The Politics of Public Lands in the Contemporary US West (2019)

50th Anniversary of the Western Literature Association (2018)

Nature and Culture in (and outside) the Academe (2017)

Settler Colonial Studies (2017)

Petrocultures in the US and Canadian Wests (2017)

Queer Wests (2016)

Indigenous Wests: Literary and Visual Aesthetics (2014)

Younger Scholars (2013)

Television in the West (2012)

Western Suburbia (2011)

Cormac McCarthy (2009)

Working Class Literature of the American West (2006)

Western Autobiography and Memoir (2002)

Indian Territory (2000)

Recovering a Mexican American West (2000)

California (1999)

Dialogics (1998)front_cover-1.jpg

Place Studies (1995)

Wallace Stegner (1994)

Edward Abbey (1993)

A Sampler from A Literary History of the American West (1985)

Willa Cather (1982)

Brett Harte (1973)

Willa Cather (1972)