Native American Literature

Native Sources: American Indian Autobiography, by Mick McAllister

Frank Waters and the Native American Consciousness, by Jack L. Davis & June N. Davice

Moving Stories: Visualization, Mise-en-scène, and Native American Fiction, by John Purdy

Native American Oral Practice and the Popular Novel; Or, Why Mourning Dove Wrote A Western, by Victoria Lamont

The Baby Boom Generation and the Reception of Native American Literature” D’Arcy McNickle’s Runner in the Sun, by John Lloyd Purdy

Treaties, History, and the “Full-Blood” in Indian Territory Native Writing, by Maureen Konkle

Disturbed by Something Deeper: The Native Art of John Joseph Mathews, by Louis Owens

Native Presence and Survivance in Early Twentieth-Century Translations by Natalie Curtis Burlin and Mary Austin, by Maureen Salzer

“The Language of Shamans”: Jerome Rothenberg’s Contribution to American Indian Literature, by H. S. McAllister

Pan-Indianism and Tribal Sovereignties in House Made of Dawn and The Names, by P. Jane Hafen

Indigenous Wests: Literary and Visual Aesthetics, by Susan Bernardin

“Sovereignty,” by Kirby Brown

The Lessons of the Sentimental Education:  Zitkala-Ša’s Autobiographical Narratives, by Susan Bernardin

Games of Chance: Gambling and Land Tenure in Tracks, Love Medicine, and The Bingo Palace, by Kristan Sarvé-Gorham

A “Real Indian” to the Boy Scouts: Charles Eastman as a Resistance Writer, by Penelope Myrtle Kelsey

Embodying the Indian: Rethinking Blood, Culture, and Identity in James Welch’s Winter in the Blood and The Death of Jim Loney, by Christopher Nelson

Pretty Shield’s Thumbprint: Body Politics and Paratextual Territory, by Amy Gore

Hearing Bats and Following Berdache: The Project of Survivance in Linda Hogan’s Mean Spirit, by Andrew Smith

Stay Calm, Be Brave, Wait for the Signs: Sign-Offs and Send-Ups in the Fiction of Thomas King, by Bud Hirsch

Textual Performance and the Western Frontier: Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins’s Life Among the Piutes: Their Wrongs and Claims, by Danielle Tisinger